Crypto map definition

crypto map definition

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Configuring Dynamic Crypto map on Site to multisite ipsec VPN
Crypto map "mymap 10" allows security associations to be established between the firewall and either (or both) of two remote IPSec peers for traffic matching. A crypto map is a software configuration entity that performs two primary functions: � Selects data flows that need security processing. � Defines the policy for these flows and the crypto peer to which that traffic needs to go. A crypto map is applied to an interface. Crypto Map. � Crypto Map was the first implementation of IPSec VPNs used on Cisco devices. � Aligned to the IPsec protocol, were traffic that.
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The respond keyword indicates that the firewall will accept requests for IP addresses from any requesting peer. Specify up to three transforms. To restore the default value run: no crypto map client authentication Be sure to specify the same AAA server name within the crypto map client authentication command statement as was specified in the aaa-server command statement. The SPI is used to identify the security association used with the crypto map. This order of operations is illustrated later in Figure