Cryptocurrency terms and definitions

cryptocurrency terms and definitions

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Buy fantom crypto binance Enables a simple way to validate and secure transactions within a blockchain. Leased Proof of Stake LPoS is a consensus mechanism that allows cryptocurrency holders to lease their coins to nodes on a network. Each block holds a historical database of all cryptocurrency transactions made until the block is full. The agency theory discusses how to set up agency relationships in a way that minimizes the likelihood of disputes and other problems arising between agents and principals. Pieces of code that live within the blockchain whose purpose is to execute on a logic that the developer has programmed. Diamond Hands is a popular term on social media platforms.

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Check's crypto glossary to learn what commonly used terms used in the crypto-verse mean. From Altcoin to Zero Confirmation, the world of cryptocurrency is full of jargon and technical terms. Our Glossary is here to help you learn. From Dogecoin to DeFi: A Blockchain Glossary for Beginners � airdrop � aping � altcoin � bag � Binance � blockchain � bitcoin � Bored Ape Yacht.
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A blockchain consensus mechanism where the ability to mine or validate blocks is in proportion to funds staked. In all cases, the assets purchased through the brokerage account belong to the account holder. Fork A fork describes a situation where a blockchain experiences a change in the protocol that produces two parallel chains.